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Guide to a Unique Gwangju Experience

Gwangju Tour shining with 5 bright attractions
1913 Songjeong Station Market, Unique Food From Young Merchantsㅍ
관리자 , 2018-01-12 18:04
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The characteristic of Songjeong Station Market is that it is a market with both old long-standing stores and young merchants. The biggest characteristic is that the unique food from young merchants and the skilled cooking of long-standing merchants are together in the market.

1. The waiting is as long as its fame, Ddoa Sikbbang

Their specialty is healthy bread loaves made from domestic wheat.

2. Gaengsonyeon, a place introduced in Wednesday Foodtalk TV Program.

8 types of fruit jelly, for anyone who is looking for a special snack.

3. Just one bite, Uahan Ssam!

This is a place for pork belly ssam (pork and vegetables wrapped in green leaf). One ssam of pork belly is 1000 won. One glass of soju is 500 won.

4. German-style jokbal (pig's leg dish), Jokbal Ssosiji!

A little unfamiliar exterior and with the difficult name Schweinshaxe is a German-style jokbal. You can try it with 3 different sauce.

5. Fruit juice from a fruit shop.

Freshness is guaranteed as the juice is made by a shop that sells fresh fruits.

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