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Gwangju Tour shining with 5 bright attractions
Greyish Modern Book Cafe, Struct
관리자 , 2018-01-12 17:40
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This building in the ally of Dongmyeong-dong is a hip cafe called "Struct!"

The long windows are marvelous

and the cafe entrance almost looks like a museum or an exhibition!

The empty spaces in the signboard are also unique.

The first floor looks like this.

Next to the first floor is a terrace!

Here is a bookstore! There are lots of books, since it is a book cafe.

There are terraces around the second floor!

The warm lights in the cafe make it very cozy!

Struct at night is a different place from Struct during daytime!
The signs turn gold, and becomes more modern.  
The Struct is located in the Haneurarae-gil, on the other side of Cafe Florida in Dongmyeong-dong.  
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