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Gwangju Tour shining with 5 bright attractions
Questions 6Where is the tourist information center?

We have the tourist information center in the following places: Gwangju Airport, Gwangju Songjeong Station, U-Square (Gwangju Bus Terminal), Gwangju Station, Kim Dae-jung Convention Center, Asia Culture Center, Yangrim-dong

Questions 5How can I apply for a tourist brochure (tourist guide, map)?

Visit the website of Gwangju U-Tourpia ( and click "e-Tourist information" followed by "Apply for tourist brochure." Alternatively, you may call one of our tourist centers to receive one by mail. When filling out an application form, do not forget to write your name, phone number, and address where you want the mail to be delivered. 

Questions 4Who is a cultural heritage commentator?

Cultural heritage commentators are volunteers who offer expert guide to overall tourist resources including history, culture, and nature. This service aims to promote understanding, sensibility, and experience of tourists. Those guides have a wide range of knowledge and experience about related areas. There are also many cultural heritage commentators who have sufficient proficiency in either English, Japanese, or Chinese. If you make reservations for the service of those volunteers, you can experience an expert guide. 

Questions 3What is tourist information number 1330?

1330 is a free tourist information telephone service available 24 hours.

1330 service is available not only in Korean but also in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

To use this service, simply press 1330 on mobile or wired phone.

Questions 2How can I use the city tour bus service?

In 2016, you need not reserve a seat for Gwangju City Tour bus with circular route.

Bitgoeul Namdo Tour Bus Service is available by reservation run by the Gwangju Tourism Association.

You can take a Gwangju City Tour bus at the bus stops of major tourist sites.

The Bitgoeul Nambo Tour bus stops at Gwangju Songjeong Station, U-Square, and Asia Culture Center. You can take it if there are seats left.

Questions 1How can I report a complaint/request for improvement?

Gwangju Metropolitan City runs the civil service system "Baro Eungdap (Immediate Answer)," which has integrated, separately operated civil service desks such as e-Civil affairs and Citizen Happiness Proposal.

Therefore, you may use the "Baro Eungdap" service to report a complaint or a request for improvement. 

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